HORSES are The heart of SkijorING

Animals are at the heart of Skijor Canada and are a top priority for the organization.   Skijor Canada are passionate and vigilant about animal care. Throughout the year we consult with professional veterinary advisors. Our independent Animal Care Advisory Panel guides our decisions for animal policies and procedures, harnessing the expertise in horse care, health and handling.



Brittany was born in Manitoba where her passion for horses became evident at a very young age. Between working as a riding instructor, trail guide, horse trainer, or polo groom she was sure her career would involve horses.

Brittany completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Winnipeg and received her DVM at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in the spring of 2011.

Following graduation, Brittany completed a 1 year internship at Energy Equine gaining much experience from Dr. Chad Hewlett in equine lameness.

She became an associate veterinarian at Energy Equine, went on to oversee the breeding operation at O’Bray’s Equine Services and enjoyed gaining additional experience in all aspects of equine practice.

In 2015, Brittany founded Wise Equine and joined the team at Nagel & Co. Veterinary Services. where she led the expansion of the equine division.

Brittany loves all aspects of equine practice but has a special interest in reproduction, lameness and dentistry. When not at work, you can find her on the back of a horse either on the polo field, jumping around a cross country course or working cattle