1. Marshals are to be obeyed at all times. Marshals & or a veterinarian may excuse any competitor, (human or equine), from competition for behaving in an unsafe or unsound manner.
  2. A team consists of horse, rider & *slider (this term encompasses both skiers & snowboarders throughout this document.)
  3. Teams may compete in any or all events.
  4. Horses may only run ONCE per event and again in the finals of the sprint if qualified.
  5. Riders & Sliders may compete a maximum of THREE times per event. In the case of qualifying more than once for finals of sprint, it is up to individuals to find alternate team members for finals.
  6. Registration is by team only, via Competitors must be 18 years, show identification & sign waivers on event day check in. *There will be no refunds for individuals who register without meeting these requirements.
  7. All sliders must wear approved snow sport helmets. Eye protection is recommended.
  8. Staging between runs: Each team is allowed 3 minutes to complete staging & begin the race. After this allotted time has expired, the competitors will be asked to leave the staging area & disqualified from that class. The allotted 3 minute time period will begin at the declaration of a clear track.
  9. Finishing the Race – the Slider must finish in an upright position & on at least one ski, with rope in and when crossing the finish line. Both slider’s boots must cross the finish line.
  10. Sprint to be run in heats. Winner determined by when horse’s nose crosses the finish line, provided rider finishes in accordance with above rule H. Heat winners advance to finals. In the event that rider & slider both qualify for finals in separate capacities, the final team will be decide by a coin toss.
  11. Gates - Both ski tips & both boots must go around a gate, or the gate is considered missed.
  12. Circuit race & long jump, if the Slider drops the rope BEFORE crossing the start line, he/she will be allowed a restart.
  13. LongJump–The distance of the jump will be measured at the heal of the back boot landing. Slider must demonstrate control by skiing out of the landing. The Field Judge shall have the final decision if the slider is in control upon landing.
  14. Field/course. Riders & Sliders will have an opportunity to walk course on foot before competition starts. No horses or sliders permitted on the field/course except during their designated run. A designated warm up/practice area will be provided.


  1. Circuit race: A five second penalty is assessed for each missed jump or gate.
  2. Circuit race: A five second penalty is assessed for any horse breaking the plane of any jump OR hitting a gate.
  3. Relay race: If run in heats: The horse’s nose must be behind the start line until the flag drops. Jumping the start results in disqualification. The Field judge shall have the final decision on if a horse jumps the start.
  4. Sprint: The horse’s nose must be behind the start line until the flag drops. Jumping the start results in disqualification. The Field judge shall have the final decision on if a horse jumps the start.
  5. Sprint: Teams will draw post positions defined by numbered objects & cross the finish line in the same position. i.e.. Lane one will be defined by bale 1 on the left, bale 2 on the right. Finishing outside of the assigned lane will result in disqualification.
  6. Long Jump: A horse breaking the plane of the jump will result in disqualification.


  1. LENGTH - Approximately 500m, semi-circle track.
  2. GATES - Breakaway style where slider goes right of red gates & left of blue gates.
  3. JUMPS - Circuit race - three jumps, not exceeding three feet in height.


  1. Horses to be ridden in western saddle with horn.
    B. Ropes must dallied (wrapped) around saddle horn, no tying of ropes to anything/anyone.
  2. Ropes must be minimum 30 feet in length & maximum 50 feet in length.
    D. Ropes must be 3/8 or larger in diameter
    E. Handles & loops are NOT permitted.
  3. Any rope not supplied by the Skijordue Organizing Committee must be inspected & approved by the Start Master or his designee prior to the start of racing.
  4. All sliders must wear approved snow sport helmets, eye protection is recommended.
  5. Helmets & protective vests are recommended for riders
  6. Traction shoes & protective boots are recommended for horses


Good sportsmanship is important to the success of the event & the image of the sport in the community. Your registration signature pledges your word to the humane treatment of your horse & respectful relationships to all fellow competitors, staff & volunteers hosting this exciting competition. Failure to obey the marshals or comply with the spirit of friendly competition at any of the scheduled events may result in the disqualification of your team or your banishment from future competitions.