About Us

Skijor Canada formed in 2017 to support safe, consistent development of the sport on a national level with the goal of forming a race circuit culminating in a Canadian Finals Snowdeo event in Calgary. Skijor Canada provides information for organizers, competitors and spectators. It offers event solutions including advertising, website hosting, IT support, online merchandising, event planning guidance, regulations, course designs, insurance options and sponsor introductions.

Skijoring is the fastest growing winter sport in North America, drawing a diverse group of participants spanning generations and genres to dynamic events showcasing skills, speed and style. Champion equestrians join medaled snow riders to enthral stylish spectators in a quintessentially Canadian celebration of winter sport and spirit.

We have a loyal group of event sponsors and select opportunities for Skijor Canada national title sponsors in several categories. We provide sponsor visibility across our online platforms, at event venues, on competition courses and in media coverage.

Skijor Shooters

Thanks to the photographers who’ve braved the elements to try our sport, capture the excitement and share the story!