SkijorDue 2020 Results

Thanks to our competitors for bringing their super-steeds, skills, speed, sportsmanship and style to Skijordue. The competition was fierce, fast and fabulous. Huge thanks to the generous group of sponsors who support this event, our army of volunteers who run the show and the enthusiastic fans who showed up to cheer for the champions!

Run Team Horse Rider Slider Time/ Distance
Circuit 1 Elements/Filson Rowdy Brad Karl Jean-Louis Frank 37.35
Circuit 2 Big Daddy Jax Kirsten Scott Nick Bentley 37.7
Circuit 3 Iron Arts Edgar Kim Hiller Matthew Mix 39.7
Circuit 4 Cheeeeeeeeeze Tommy Chelsea Brown Sarah Ingram 40.16
Run Team Horse Rider Slider Slider 2 Time/ Distance
Relay 1 Reigning Relay Champions Buddy Sam Edge Christine Hagerman Ryan Linderman 28.15
Relay 2 Go for Broke George Erin Thompson James Kidd Taine Williams 28.2
Relay 3 The Golden Boys Luna Lucas Garrett Jeff Mckeeman Jesse Pitman 28.5
Relay 4 The Stampede Ranch Ace Brad Karl Jean-Louis Frank Mike Brush 28.91
Run Team Horse Rider Slider Time/ Distance
Sprint 1 Team Ireland Bowie Susan Oakes Barry Obrien-Lynch 14.09
Sprint 2 Speedy recovery Brando Ryan Kennedy Jordan Sledz 14.5
Sprint 3 Law down the Law George Erin Thompson James Kidd 17.4
Sprint 4 Wendy Nelson Reining and Performance Horses Factory Phil Wendy Nelson Robin Dohlman 17.44
Run Team Horse Rider Slider Time/ Distance
Long Jump 1 The Burners Gunner Taylor Gibbson Cam Gladish 50 ft
Long jump 2 Space cadets Lola Nick Bentley Phil Hudec 49.2 ft
Long Jump 3 Western Horse Review Sammi Nick Bentley Foster Kennedy 48 ft
Long Jump 4 Chaos Carson Nutting Phil Hudec 47 ft
Jump Style Winner Phil Hudec
Run Team Time/ Distance
1 Stampede Ranch 14.03
2 Western Horse Review 14.43
3 O'Brian's Pub 15.37
4 Brooks Sawmills 18.34
Skijor Shooters

Thanks to the photographers who’ve braved the elements to try our sport, capture the excitement and share the story!